Flying Under the Radar: Biennial of the Arts    Rio de Janeiro x San Francisco

The Flying Under the Radar Biennial in 2016 :
In a series of events set to take place in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco, the Flying Under the Radar Biennial will partner with arts organizations on both sides of the equator to present a vibrant and eclectic range of Brazilian and American artists producing work across disciplines and aesthetics. Disciplines included will be Film and Video, Music, Dance and Performance, Poetry and Literature, and Visual Arts.

In San Francisco presentations will take place at the Red Poppy Art house throughout the year. In Rio de Janeiro there will be a six-week series of collaborative, interdisciplinary, experimental laboratories called Co-LAB 1. Co-LAB 1 will involve six artists from the Bay Area and six counterparts from Rio de Janeiro (click to see more about Co-LAB 1 here). Both Co-LAB 1 and the events at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco are preliminary to the Flying Under the Radar Biennial Festival, which will involve thirty artists from Brazil and the USA and will take place in San Francisco, California.