Flying Under the Radar: Biennial of the Arts    Rio de Janeiro x San Francisco

Kitty Aaron : Dance

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Kitty Aaron, aka Christina Linskey, is from Portland, Maine. Her interests in jewelry fabrication brought her to Maine College of Art, where she apprenticed for a minute. At the same time she became certified at Polarity Realization Institute (PRI), upon completing the Holistic Massage Therapy program. Her sister’s pregnancy brought her to Berkeley, California. Since then, she’s been in the Bay Area exploring interests and ways to make dollars including but not limited to: re-constructing fashion, metal art studies with Suzanne Pugh, co-owning the world’s only unionized worker owned peepshow, go-go dancing and baconstrip burlesque shows, model muse for renowned painter Carl Dobsky and the Safehouse Atelier & SVA, shooting with hundreds of photographers collaborating conceptually and attempting to absorb lighting tricks. When she met the man of everyone’s dreams (Aaron Simunovich), they jumped into bed and business at once, sharing the Performance Art Institute residency for half a year, where she was featured naked in Life or Theater. Currently, she’s learning more about the language of dance and movement with her partner Aaron. They have joined forces to become A-K Arts and have artsy adventures all around America but at the moment they are dedicated, for better or worse, to their baby, Little Boxes Theater, a space made for artists by artists on a shoestring budget. The intention at Little Boxes is to provide an affordable, intimate performance space. If you are young and broke, a new artist, or an artist with something you want to test out on small audience in low cost setting, that is what we are all about. Little Boxes has a monthly open house the last Friday of each month, a sort of open mic/variety show style. It’s the kind of event where a badass artist like Star Shine can make fiberglass stilts that attach to her pointe shoes. Little Boxes has seven free events so far which have included everything from aerialists, projection artists, faux queens, burlesque fan dances, live paintings, spoken word, butoh contortion, puppets, live music and dance, of course! And don't forget Japanese Bondage Night, with Mike West!