Flying Under the Radar: Biennial of the Arts    Rio de Janeiro x San Francisco

April 20th to 24th in San Francisco, CA

Flying Under the Radar is committed to bringing together artists from diverse cultures to enter into communication with each other and the public through the language of art. Making and engaging with art encourages people to transcend cultural differences, ideologies, and mediums to find commonality in the human experience.

These multidisciplinary encounters will take place during a five-day festival that will occur in San Francisco, California, from April 20-24, 2016. The festival will feature thirty emerging artists, half from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and half from San Francisco, California. Disciplines explored will be Film and Video, Music, Dance and Performance, Poetry, and Visual Arts. Artists will collaborate in pairs; each pair will consist of one Brazilian and one American known for working in different disciplines, e.g. poet with dancer, painter with violinist. Over the course of the festival the public will have the opportunity to witness artists working through the creative process as they proceed toward a series of final exhibitions and performances.

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